Dr. William H. Hoffman, Jr.

Name: Cliff Reese
Major complaint: Very stiff, painful lower back, sore neck
Past history: Poor sleep due to lower back, neck pain, nerve pain down left leg when I sit.


Chiropractic results (it's a miracle):
After regular visits to Dr. Hoffman, my sleep is totally relaxed, no lower back pain at all. All nerve pain in my leg is gone. Driving and sitting for long periods of time is no longer an issue. Considering the pain that I suffered through for years, my active life is excellent, golf, hiking, fishing, all the activities I enjoy I can do.


Thanks for all your help.


Cliff Reese


Patient: Kenneth R. Reaves
Past History: Chronic backache, pelvis rotated & right leg shorter by 1/2 '


Chiropractic Results: I have been a patient of Dr. Hoffman for about 20 years. It has been a wonderful experience. Much love to Dr Hoffman and his staff for being there when I needed them.


Patient: Bev Barnett
Major Complaint: Chronic neck and back pain; tendonitis in both arms.
Past History: I have had reoccurring neck and back pain brought on by stress, as well as tendonitis on both arms that inhibited by ability to work on the computer, but more importantly to me , play the guitar.


Chiropractic Result: With physical therapy on my arms and exercises Dr. Hoffman prescribed, I regained full use of my arms in just a few weeks; in time for several performances that we had scheduled. Continued chiropractic check ups insure that I stay in balance so any flair ups are caught before they become a bigger problem.


Name: Carol Hanson
Major Complaint: Daily Headaches, migraines every 3 weeks.
Past History: The migraines got increasingly worse over the years. I'd lose the sight in my left eye and it got to the point when even a shot of Imitrex didn't always help. The migraines were almost like clockwork, coming every 3 weeks and hanging on for 2-3 days.


            Chiropractic Results: Dr. Hoffman gave me exercises to do and may good suggestions on ways I could improve the situation. After a few weeks of treatment and following the suggestions he had given me, I was happily shocked when I passed the 3 week mark without a migraine. Talk about amazed! Having had my first migraine in my late teens, many, many years ago-I only wish I had known then about chiropractics and doctors like Dr. Hoffman.