Dr. Michael F. McMurray


Shannon Newton

Major Complaint: I had pain in the lower back, and major nerve pain running down my right leg.

Past History: I fell off a stand up paddleboard into shallow water and rolled my ankle. The impact and limping from the fall started the severe back pain. 
X-rays showed a bulging disc @ L5 S1

Chiropractic Results: After working with Dr. McMurray, I have been released from pain and I have my active life back. I can now resume all activities, and sleep pain free through the night. I am so grateful!

Earnest Marques

rnest Marques

Major Complaint: Pain in the left lower back to the top of the buttock, could only walk 100 ft. before needing to stop to stretch out.
Past History: A back pain of some sort would start up about once about every 5 years.

Chiropractic Results: Dr. McMurray took an X-ray that showed some slippage on bottom two vertebra (L4 & 5). He put me on a stretching table (cox) for 5 minutes. Told me to take 4 glucosamine chondroitin tabs in the morning and in the evening and to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. He also had me do 2 stretches on my back twice a day. The table stretching was performed 3 times a week for 5 weeks. The problem I had for 2.5 months is now 95% gone with just those simple things!

Ryan (age 5)

Major Complaint: My 5 year old son was suffering from frequent urgent urination to the extent where my husband and I could not take him in public, because he would wet himself. Ryan was using the restroom 10-15 times an hour.
Past History: Took him to the doctors several times, no UTI or any other infection or explanation.

Chiropractic Results (It’s a Miracle!): With Dr. McMurray after Ryan’s first visit his frequency and urgency cut on half. After his second visit Ryan’s frequency & urgency went back to normal. Truly amazing.

Kelly Goode

Major Complaint: Shoulder, neck, elbow, lower back. Also leg pain, specifically due to spondylosis.

Past History: Spondylosis & Whiplash

Chiropractic Results: definite improvement - Mobility is better and the results have been marked and progressing well. The relief I feel immediately after a visit is remarkable and I hope to feel that good all or most of the time as we get closer to stabilizing my spondy and correcting the curve of my neck.


I have a family history of back problems and I played football all throughout high school, so it wasn't that surprising that I herniated my L4 L5 disc when I was a senior in high school. My herniation gave me sciatica down my right leg and severely limited my mobility and my ability to sit down.

The next year, I would be playing D1 college football, so my college coaches had me start physical therapy immediately. After 6 months of physical therapy, several injections, and lots of medicine, my sciatica had not improved at all. Therefore, in order to get back back on the field, I opted to have a discectomy surgery done on my back.

The surgery helped relieve the pain a lot, though it did not completely heal me. For the next 6 years, I was able to manage the pain to a minimum and it rarely gave me any serious problems. However, around 10 months ago, I re-injured my back, but this time had sciatica down my other leg.

After a month of being in pain, I saw a doctor, and they recommended I start physical therapy. After having gone down that path 6 years ago, I decided to try something different.

I looked for local chiropractors in the area and found Dr. McMurray. After my first few meetings with him, I started to feel better. I saw him about 3 days a week for the first month, then 2 days a week for the next month, and then 1 day a week for the next few months. Around 6 months later, I am feeling 95% better. I don't know if I'll ever be 100% back to normal, but I am so glad I didn't resort to surgery again. Dr. McMurray has been one of the best decisions I've made and I couldn't be more happy with the work that he has done for me.

Colleen Meola

Major Complain: Severe vertigo and "brain fog"

After a month of vertigo and brain fog, being told by my medical doctor and of course the precious web, that there was virtually nothing that could be done, and it might be a regular part of my life for a year or more, I went to see Dr. McMurray. To my absolute surprise and delight, he said I would be able to walk out of the office cured. A few adjustments and some simple exercises later I walked out of the office with mental clarity, no nausea and no spinning room or walking sideways. I slept like a baby last night for the first time in weeks. I could again turn over with out the room spinning. To say I am grateful would be an understatement! I feel like I got my life/health back. Dr. McMurray's vast knowledge always astounds me, but this was totally amazing. I didn't feel just a little better. I felt completely better. This should be put up on the web somewhere so people know relief can be found. Thanks again to Dr. McMurray and team. What a great place to have discovered. What a difference in my life.

Eric Floch

Major Complaint: Severely herniated disc in the lower back causing major sciatica down the left leg.

After seriously injuring a disc in my lower back - pick your euphemism; I have alternately used "my back blew up", "a disc exploded", and "my back went fakakta" - I was for all intents and purposes crippled. My left leg and foot went numb, permanently. Pins and needles and numbness that never goes away. I was unable to stand for more than a minute without severe pain. I couldn't walk for more than a few hundred feet without feeling like my left leg and lower back were being continually stabbed by flaming knives. I could not sit down, at all. Ten seconds and I was breathing hard with an elevated heartbeat, just from pain. I had to eat draped over a footstool with my plate on the floor. Please be aware, I'm not exaggerating for effect to tell a good story. Not at all. Quite literally, the only thing I could do without extreme pain was to lie down. Even then the pain was moderate to bad, even dosed up on eight Ibuprofen every three or four hours. When trying to sleep, I woke with pain every four or five hours and had to re-dose myself.

I felt like a good car with a broken timing belt. One bad part - in my case, one bulging disc - and the whole thing wouldn't start anymore.

Past History: I have always been an athlete. My back has always been strong. No problems whatsoever. Then about a year and a half before coming to see Dr. McMurray, I injured my lower back playing volleyball. went for a ball far out of my reach, contorted, and frlt a little pop in my lower back. There was no pain, only a mild sense of "things don't feel quite right down there". Not feeling any pain, having been long conditioned by an athletic culture of "just walk it off", I chose to see if it would heal on its own. Unfortunaely for me, it seemed to.

Then a year later, I started to have some symptoms of what was clearly a deterirating situation, a not-quite-healed-properly lower back injury. I started to have light sciatica down my left leg. after investigating the traditional medical options and finding them lacking - rest, ice, and Ibuprofen on one side, injections and surgery on the other, nothing in between - I went to see a chiropractor. Though I was extremely skeptical about chiropractors goin in, I was willing to try something in that empty "middle ground" that traditional medicine could not address. And lo and behold, it started to help. My symptoms started to subside.

Unfortunately, my injury was a serious one. One day my structurally unstable back simply "blew up" when I bent forward to wash my hands. I started to experience the symptoms outlines above. i was then referred by my chiropractor to Dr. McMurray.

Chiropractic Results (It's a Miracle): Three months or so of visits later, after numerous adjustments and treatments on the Cox table, Dr. McMurray had managed to pull in the bulging disc in my back. I was able to walk again without pain. There was no sciatica whatsoever. My back was structurally sound again. Though the healing process would continue for some time, I was getting back to normal. 

During the process, from the very beginning, layers of pain would slowly strip out of my back. treatment to treatment, I would slowly regain little bits of movement - I could turn a particular was without stabbing pain, I could get to my feet without wanting to bail out and just lie down again, I could walk without dragging my left leg. Slowlybut surely, the numbness went out of my leg and foot. i could feel my toes again. When that happened, my balance returned. I was gradually able to walk farther and farther each day before the pain got so bad I had to turn back. I can't even put into words the elation I felt the day I went out for my walk and the pain never even started up. I could walk as far as I wanted. No limits. Just like before the injury.

A couple of days ago, i went for a run up in the hills. No pain. getting back into mountain biking is next. Soon after that, back to ice hockey.

To be clear, this whole thing was a process. It's not an overnight, quick fix. I went through a lot of pain to get through the healing process. But then, it was all just the pain I was already in. And I got through it without surgery. I got through it without taking any drugs more serious than Ibuprofen.

I've known far too many peoplepersonally, too many dear friends, who have experienced similar injuries and opted for surgery. And too many times, after the surgery they have never been the same. This happens so frequentlythat doctors have a name for it: "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome". even in caseswhere the surgery is successful, structurally the back is never the same again; re-injury is common. I've known other people who have opted for pain management with high-powered drugs. Tese folks live in a shadowy place where the goal is no higher than just a 'good day' where the pain isn't too bad and they can function somewhat normally. Neither of these is an acceptable alternative.

In the end, I took a chance on Dr. McMurray and his knowledge and skill. In return, simply put, he gave me my life back.

Walter Chang

Major complaint: Sciatica in my right foot, ankle and hip area due to an L4/L5 back injury sustained a few years ago.

Past history: Over the years, I have tried acupuncture, acupressure, physical therapy, yoga, and at one point was considering surgery.

Chiropractic results: While the various treatments I tried provided some relief from sciatic pain and irritation, Dr. McMurray's diagnosis and treatment provided a huge improvement in my symptoms and general sense of wellness. Today, all of the pain related symptoms are gone. Dr. McMurray is a caring and skillful doctor, its clear to me that he's an expert at what he does and extremely knowledgeable.

Audrey Payne

Major complaint: Extreme hip and low back pain. Numbness and pain down legs.

Past history: As an athlete all my life, I was extremely active. At age 13, extreme pain started in my hips and made its way to my low back, making it very difficult and painful to walk, sit, stand, or lay down. It caused me to drop out of high school and the pain meds prescribed by medical doctors caused my liver to the brink of failure. 5 years of trial and error left me miserable and hopeless.

Chiropractic results: Dozens of doctors simple gave up and said I was a chronic pain patient and would live in pain for the rest of my life, if you call it a life.12 steroid injections, 3 separate nerve ablations, acupuncture, and constant physical therapy left me the same place I started if not worse. As hope dwindled, my parents and I agreed to go outside of the Kaiser system and see a chiropractor. After the first appointment, Dr. McMurray was excited to help me, seemed confident, and had a plan. After so much disappointment, I was hesitant to get my hopes up. I began seeing Dr. McMurray 3 times a week. After the first week, I still had pain with daily activity but woke up one morning and realized I actually slept. I forgot what it felt like. I was so excited I ran to my mom to tell her. I didn't realize how poor I was sleeping until that day. It made such a huge difference! Week after week I saw improvement; I could lay down without deep breathing through pain, I could wash my face without cringing, I could stand for longer period of time.

4 months later, I can say I am pain free on a daily basis. I no longer see my spine surgeon, take my arthritis shots, or pop Advil like its candy. I got my life back. Everyone around me has noticed my change in appearance, energy level, and mood. I whole heartily believe in what Dr. McMurray does and owe my happiness to him. Writing this I can't believe where I was 4 months ago. At age 19, I can now begin living my life. Thank you Dr. McMurray and staff.

Madeline Ziemba

Major complaint: Severe neck pain radiating down left arm into fingers
Past history: Rear end collision 20+ years prior, TMJ pain

Chiropractic results (it's a miracle):
Great relief from pain and symptoms. Very happy with my treatment. Highly recommend!

Madeline Ziemba

Dave Cook

Major complaint: Lower back pain with periodic spasms
Past history: I've experienced progressively persistent lower back pain over the past ten years. Prior to chiropractic with Dr. McMurray, I suffered painful spasms which debilitated me for several days at a time! These spasms occurred several times a year.

Chiropractic results (it's a miracle):
After the initial month of treatments, and a regimen of abdominal and back exercise, I experienced no spasms and I rarely feel any lower back pain. Monthly visits have effectively controlled any relapse. What I appreciate most about Dr. McMurray is his straightforward communication of the treatment plan and progressive timed visits.

If you are seeking a "no nonsense" plan to eliminate chronic back pain, I would refer you to Dr. McMurray in a second!

Dave Cook

Rick Varley

Major complaint: Lower back pain & weakness
Past history: A UPS driver for 30 years, I have had many problems, lower back pain, neck, shoulder, elbow, hands, knee & foot injuries.

Chiropractic results (it's a miracle):
Without a doubt, I would never have been able to complete my UPS career without Dr. McMurray's uncanny ability to diagnose & treat all my problems. His expertise almost always resulted in my ability to return to work promptly from my injuries. His positive attitude & knowledge always helped in my recovery.

Rick Varley

James Balistreri
Major complaint: Serious muscle spasms in back
Past history: Problem has persisted for 30 yrs. Very active in golf, bowling, and bocce ball.

Chiropractic results (it's a miracle):
Dr. McMurray was recommended by my internist because she had such a wonderful result. Since I started a monthly maintenance schedule, I have been pain free and able to play all my sports without a problem. 

James Balistreri

Jim Moore
Major complaint: Terrible lower back pain
Past history: I leaned over to pick up my 50lb granddaughter 4 months prior to seeking chiropractic care.

Chiropractic results (it's a miracle):
I was in pain 24 hours a day. Physical therapy did not help. Dr. McMurray gave me back my life as I knew it. In just a few weeks, I was pain free. Thank you Mike! 

Jim Moore

Clint P.
Major complaint: Radiating pain down both legs (predominantly right)
Past history: Microdiskectomy (year in chart).

Chiropractic results (it's a miracle):
After a prior back surgery the shooting pain down my right leg returned before Christmas; It even started shooting down my left leg. A friend recommended Dr. McMurray but I was skeptical of chiropractor having never been before. Dr. McMurray's treatment had me surfing and skiing by February. I would and do recommend Dr. McMurrray, his treatment has made me a believer.

Clint P.

Ruzica Kostic

"I had a pinched nerve and strong pain in my hip and left leg. Due to strong pain in my hip and leg, I was hospitalized twice. I spent four days in the hospital where I was treated unsuccessfully with pain killers (including morphine). At home, I couldn't walk, sleep, nor eat. My son's friend told me about Dr. McMurray. I felt improvement immediatley after the first session. After the last (tenth) session, I was able to walk without feeling any pain. Thanks to Dr. McMurray, I am back to normal life. Of course, I continue exercising every day. Dr. McMurray is an excellent Chiropractic Doctor!"


*Patient Name*: Agustin Cisneros
*Major Complaint*: Lumbar Spine pain radiating down both IT Bands 
*Past History*: 24 years of Chronic low back pain. Was referred by his brother to a Chiropractor in Modesto. That Chiropractor then referred him to see Dr. McMurray who is closer to his residence than the Chiropractor he was seeing in Modesto. Earlier in 2018 he was recommended by his primary physician at Kaiser to get surgery.
*Chiropractic Results*: He began seeing doctor McMurray August 9, and on October 24th, 2018 he reports being able to walk longer distances after a month of treatment. Both Cox and Activator Methods were utilized for Agustin's treatments by Dr. McMurray. He happily reports living pain free and no longer needs to stop during his walk. I.E. He is able to shop with his wife without having to wait in the car due to any leg or back pain.


*Patient Name*: Karen Lemm
*Major Complaint*: Severe and debilitating low back pain for over 20 years plus.
*Past History*: Received physical therapy and Acupuncture with minimum results obtained and was ready to seek surgery.
*Chiropractic Results*: Referred by Pilates instructor (who is also a patient of Dr. McMurray's) to see if the Cox treatment would help. After 3 months, pain is completely gone! More range of motion and now on a maintenance program. Truly a Miracle!. Thank you!